Criminal Defense

Criminal & Traffic Violations

Being the target of a criminal investigation can be frightening. To protect yourself, you need reliable legal representation. MVH Lawyer s criminal defense attorneys have developed and executed successful defense cases for years—from minor infractions to serious felonies, including DUI . Our ultimate goal is to vindicate clients facing criminal prosecution, but if you are charged, we will work to drastically mitigate sentencing.
Failure to obtain competent legal counsel with a proven track record in criminal defense or DUI cases can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment. MVH Lawyer s will present your side of the story. We’ll cross-examine witnesses, file appeals on your behalf, present favorable evidence and ensure that unfavorable evidence that does not meet admissibility standards is kept out of court.
MVH Lawyer Charlie Magarahan has represented in criminal law for over 25 years. MVH Lawyers attorney- associate Maurice Bennett handle a variety of criminal cases. If police procedure was not followed, or if your constitutional rights were violated during your arrest, we’ll find out, ensuring that your rights are protected, preserved and secured.